Hauptsitz der ecocoach AG in Brunnen

Our vision

We are ecovolta

ecovolta is a Swiss manufacturer of battery systems for electric vehicles and machines. Battery and drive solutions are developed and tested in the company's own research and development department. The range of services also includes contract development and system integration of battery systems.

ecovolta was founded in 2018 as a division of the technology company ecocoach AG and has been an independent AG since May 2023.

Where we are coming from

The story of ecocoach originated over 10 years ago in the valley basin of Schwyz (CH). Our founder farmer Baptist Reichmuth is self-determined and strives for more independence in all areas of life. Thus, he has the idea to recycle farm waste for energy in order to produce his own energy. Ten years later, his idea becomes reality, the biogas plant is up and running and Agro Energie Schwyz AG supplies not only the Reichmuths' farm but the entire region with sustainable energy.

Where we are going

The sons Pirmin and Philip do the same as their father. They are fascinated by innovative energy technologies and want to run their farm independently and sustainably. The electricity from the photovoltaic system on the barn roof is to be used to operate the milking machine in the barn and to power the electric tractor in the field. Together, the Reichmuths are pursuing the vision of becoming energy self-sufficient with the latest technologies and sustainable resources.

But for the family, the range and speed with which they can use renewable energy are not big enough. They want to drive the development of innovative technologies themselves and realise the ideas of tomorrow, today. Reichmuths decide to develop energy management systems and electricity storage for buildings and vehicles. They found ecocoach AG and put together a competent, dynamic team consisting of electricians and software developers who share their fascination and want to help shape the future of energy.

ecocoach is a combination of the words "eco" for "ecology" and "eco" for "economic" and "coach" for coach and promoter. The aim is to have a coach in the use of renewable resources thanks to technology, which ensures that we preserve our earth for all future generations and at the same time act economically. All in the spirit of energetic independence for people, their communities and businesses.

We are eco – our values

Independence and self-sufficiency

We strive for energy self-sufficiency for our customers in order to increase individual and regional independence.


We are open to new ideas and develop a system that can be flexibly expanded at any time. For all types of buildings.

Sustainability and ecological principles

We implement our ideas here and now, for the energy-efficient future of tomorrow. Sustainability and ecological principles form the basis of our work.

We support our employees

We take note of our employees' ideas and strive to implement them. We support the continuous development and training of our employees.

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