Individual Battery Solutions

Modular battery solutions for custom-fit applications

Tailored Battery Packs

In addition to the Plug and Play traction battery, we offer our customers customised Battery Packs. The high level of integration of our own battery production allows us to develop and series-produce battery solutions that are completely designed to meet our customers' needs. Batteries in the desired shape allow us to work out the optimum capacity and performance in cooperation with our customers.

Perfectly tailored to your project

Modular Battery Stack Platform

The development and production of the customised battery solution based on our modular stack platform allows for cost-effective development, short time-to-market and validated quality standards.

Outstanding safety features

Our individual Battery Packs are based on the same standards of the evoTractionBattery with the SIL2 BMS, the patented protection of each individual cell, the redundant overcurrent monitoring and the all-pole disconnection.

Comprehensive engineering services

In addition to the conceptual design and development of the Battery Packs, we optionally offer the design and manufacture of the enclosure, the performance of the functional and cycle tests as well as the certification and homologation.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ecovolta examines every request with the aim of creating the right concept for the specifications submitted.

Approximately 3-9 months, depending on project scope and requirements, a more precise timeframe will be determined.

Yes, ecovolta already has solutions on the market with their own housing.

Certification is carried out individually according to requirements. But also UN38.3, ECE R-10, ECE R-100, ISO62619, ISO 26262, among others.

All types of round cells are used, individually according to project requirements.

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