Mobile three-phase current for construction sites, events and professional applications

ecoPowerTrolley – the portable power supply

With the ecoPowerTrolley, electricity is always and everywhere available. The compact power pack on wheels stores 8.9 kWh of energy. The portable battery storage can be charged at standard power sockets. An optional photovoltaic kit allows additional independence. It then supplies a wide variety of devices and machines with CEE16 plugs and 400 volts as well as CEE7 plugs with 230 volts at 50 hertz each. This makes it the perfect companion for flexible professionals in the fields of construction, crafts, event technology, film, protection and rescue. So you are always and everywhere ready when it matters.


Become energy self-sufficient and independent!

ecoPowerTrolley - which addresses consumption profiles and efficiency requirements, is available in direct sales at the webshop of Matador.

The lightest three-phase unit on the market

Whisper quiet, clean and maintenance-free

The ecoPowerTrolley does not cause any noise or pollutant emissions. Neither fossil fuels nor lubricants are used for operation. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials even in a sensitive environment.

Powerful household and three-phase electricity

Operate one or more devices with a total of over 1'000 watts of power for more than seven hours, even under adverse conditions. Even powerintensive applications get by without the need to run 400V (three-phase) power cables. The battery is fastchargeable and recharged in two hours

Lower total costs of ownership than classic generators

With the integrated lithium-ion battery of the latest generation, you rely on an economical energy supply. Even compared to weaker and inexpensive classic gensets, life cycle costs are reduced due to lower running expenses.

Mobile three-phase current for remote or powerless locations

With the ecoPowerTrolley, fitters and emergency personnel can supply any location with powerful three-phase current. The capacity is sufficient for the daily use of numerous professional devices and machines. If required, two ecoPowerTrolleys can be connected in parallel to double the continuous operating time.

Example devicesPowerØ Operating time
Drilling machine800 W14 h
Circular saw1'200 W10 h
Concrete mixer850 W13 h
Electric welder2'500 W5 h
Diamond core drill5'500 W2 h
Industrial hoover1'200 W10 h
Submersible pump2'800 W4 h
Electric welder2'500 W5 h

Electrifying autonomous construction containers and shifting construction sites

Until now, conventional generators were part of everyday life on remote construction sites. The ecoPowerTrolley alternatively operates both local installations and changing sites without interruption. With a suitable PV system, the autonomy is extended considerably. Intermediate charging with a generator is also possible.

Example devicesØ Required capacity per day of operationOperating time
Construction container
(battery charger, laptop,
lighting, refrigerator,
2'260 Wh3.5 days


Powerful live event in the city and countryside

The ecoPowerTrolley supplies power for the exhibition stand on wheels or for the food truck. It also supplies a complete DJ set-up or the sound system for the band performance with very good performance. 

Example devices  Ø PowerOperating time
Music event (mixers,
loudspeaker system
+ subwoofer, fog machine,
lighting system)
1'250 W6.25 h
Food truck (lighting,
coffee machine,
refrigerator, deep fryer,
warming cabinet)
1'550 W5 h


Charging everywhere instead of towing

The ecoPowerTrolley is used to bridge the gap until the next electric charging station if the electric car breaks down with an empty battery. The fully charged ecoPowerTrolley provides power for up to three times the ~20 km range of the electric vehicle. There is no need for a costly towing service, recharging takes within 20 minutes depending on the vehicle and the portable charger used.

Example modelsConsumption for
~20km range
Charging time
Tesla Model 33'320 Wh16 min.
VW ID.3 Pro S3'440 Wh18 min.
BMW i32'620 Wh14 min.
Renault Zoe3'600 Wh19 min.

Technical Data ecoPowerTrolley

Gross capacity

8.9 kWh

Net capacity

8 kWh

Loading methods

230 V, 3x400 V, PV kit (Q4/2023), DC charger (Q4/2023)

Max. Charging power

4.4 kW

Charging time (standard)

5 h

Quick charge

2 h

Max. Discharge power

13 kW

Discharge power (continuous)

11 kW

Output data and plug
  • 3/N AC 400 V 50 Hz (CEE16)
  • 1/N AC 230 V 50 Hz (3 connections CEE7), optionally Schuko DE and T23 CH
Input data and plug
  • 3/N/PE AC 400 V 50 Hz
  • 1/N/PE AC 230 V 50 Hz
Total weight

80 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH)

945 x 359 x 596 mm

Degree of protection

IP65 (dust and water jet protection)

Safety functions

All-pole dis­connection, over- and under-temperature cut-off, over- and under-voltage cut-off, redundant over­current cut-off, patented overcurrent protection per battery cell, insulation monitoring




EN 62477-1, EN 62040-1, UN38.3

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Yes, when using an additional external charger supplied as an optional accessory. This function will be coming soon (Q4/2023).

Yes, it is possible to use solar energy with solar modules and charge the ecoPowerTrolley with it at the same time as operating it. This function will be coming soon (Q4/2023).

Yes, a total of two ecoPowerTrolley can be connected to each other and thus the capacity is increased accordingly. You can also find more technical information in this data sheet.This function will be coming soon (Q4/2023).

Yes, it is possible to change the battery. However, the battery can only be replaced by the manufacturer or licensed contractors.

Yes, the basic version is available without wheels and handle. They can be flexibly mounted and are available as an additional option.

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