Expedition Vehicle «TERREN» from Peak Evolution

Expedition Vehicle «TERREN» from Peak Evolution

Mission: World record at the highest volcano on earth - only with solar energy.

The expedition vehicle is built on the basis of a conventional multi-purpose transporter with combustion engine from Aebi Schmidt It is driven by two electric motors with an output of 120kW each The transmission has been improved in efficiency and optimised for the electric drive. This allows the performance data of the diesel version to be clearly surpassed. The energy is stored in a battery with 90kWh capacity. For the planned market launch of the vehicle, the battery capacity can be scaled up to 120kWh depending on requirements.

In addition to the electrification of the drive train, various adjustments are made to the vehicle's chassis for more ground clearance and better traction. A special lightweight superstructure is also being developed and built. This is used to transport all the equipment and as a retreat for the team in bad weather. In order to secure the vehicle in the terrain, powerful winches are attached to the vehicle.

Sevelen (Switzerland)
& Ojos del Salado (Chile)

9x "eTB96-100-10 F" (3x serial, 3x parallel)

Agriculture, Municipal, Transport, Recycling

Vehicle Information

Area of Application

Agriculture, Municipal, Transport, Recycling

Dimensions (LxWxH)

5.00 x 1.995 x 2.33 Meters


for 3 persons

Empty Weight

4'800 kgs

Towing Capacity

3'500 kgs


4'800 kgs

Max. Speed

max. 40 km/h

Charging Time 20-80%

3.5 h

Operating Time

3 – 5 h


180 km


2x Bosch SMG 220

Motor Type


Engine Continuous Power

1x 120 kW (electronically limited to 86 kW)

Engine Peak Power

2x 140 kW

Special Features of the Vehicle

Battery Information

System Typology

9x "eTB96-100-10 F" (3x serial, 3x parallel)

Amount of Energy

90 kWh

System Voltage

309 V

Max. Discharge Current

864 A (3x 288 A)

Total Battery Weight

540 kgs (9x 60 kgs)

Involved Companies


DDP Innovation

Vehicle Manufacturer / Brand

Aebi & Co AG Maschinenfabrik  – Aebi VT450

System Integrator

DDP Innovation

End Customer

DDP Innovation

Image Rights / Image Source

DDP Innovation

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