E-Commuters «Ernesto Riva»

Electric motor boats from the Ernesto Riva boatyard

The e-Commuters are unique electric wooden boats by Ernesto Riva. The batteries provide energy for up to 33 knots and eight hours of sailing time. The electric drive contributes to maritime climate protection. It reduces noise and exhaust fumes on the water and enables sporty cruising at a top speed of 3 knots. The brushless motor (electric motor without carbon brushes) is powered by lithium-ion batteries (Li-NMC). The traction batteries with integrated battery management system come from ecovolta and is certification compliant as a total solution and can be deployed and configured within a few hours.

Laglio (Italy)

12x "eTB48-150-10" (serial)
or 4x "eTB96-150-15" (serial)

Electric boats

Boat Information

Area of Application

Electric Boat

Dimensios (LxWxH)

7.70 x 2.32 Meters


for 7 persons

Empty Weight

1'300 kgs

Max. Speed

33 kn

Charging Time 20-80%

4 h

Operating Time
  • 4 h at 15 kn
  • 8 h at 7 kn
Motor Type


Engine Continuous Power

85 kW

Engine Peak Power

115 kW

Special Features of the Vehicle
  • Maritime electromobility: contribution to climate protection
  • Award of the Genoa Boat Show for "Boat of the Year 2019"
  • High-quality woods such as cedar, Douglas fir and mahogany come from sustainable cultivation and guarantee a long service life

Battery Information

System Typology

12x "eTB48-150-10" (serial) or 4x "eTB96-150-15" (serial)

Amount of Energy

60 kWh

System Voltage

412 V

Max. Discharge Current

390 A

Total Battery Weight

336 kgs (4x 84 kg)

Involved Companies


ER Innovation srl

Vehicle Manufacturer / Brand

Ernesto Riva

End Customer

Ernesto Riva

Image Rights / Image Source

Ernesto Riva

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