Small Car «Monzetta» from Elettricars

"Monzetta" small car from Elettricars

The Monzetta is a compact car for the city, work and domestic use. The evoTractionBattery 5 or 10 supplies the two-seater with the necessary energy and thus achieves a range of 100 or 200 km. 

Giussano (Italy)

1x "eTB48-100-5"
or 1x "eTB48-200-10"


Vehicle Information

Area of Application

Small Car

Dimensions (LxWxH)

2.265 x 1.250 x 1.685 Meters


für 2 Personen

Empty Weight

425 kgs

Max. Speed

45 km/h

Charging Time 20-80%

~ 2h

  • 5 kWh battery = 52 km WMTC
  • 10 kWh battery = 108 km WMTC

Rear-Wheel Drive

Motor Type


Engine Continuous Power

6 kW

Engine Peak Power

10 kW

Special Features of the Vehicle
  • Different versions available
  • Italian design
  • All components are manufactured in-house
  • All service products are of high quality

Battery Information

System Typology

1x "eTB48-100-5" or
1x "eTB48-200-10"

Amount of Energy

5 kWh or 10 kWh

System Voltage

51,8 V

Max. Discharge Current

280 A or 430 A

Total Battery Weight

5 kWh = 1x 35 kgs or 
10 kWh = 1x 59 kgs

Involved Companies


Elettricars srl

Vehicle Manufacturer / Brand

Elettricars srl

System Integrator

Nonsolocablaggi srl

Additional Partners

Supplier: Car Studio snc

Image Rights / Image Source

Elettricars srl

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