Pedal-controlled electric motorbike «eROCKIT»

Pedal-controlled electric motorbike "eROCKIT"

The eROCKIT is a pedal-controlled motorbike. The built-in eMotor supports the pedal energy by 50 times and reaches speeds of up to 90 km/h. Our individual evoPowerPack provides the energy for up to 120 km range.

Berlin (Germany)

Individual battery solution, 1x 48 VDC, 6.6 kWh

eBike / Electric motorbike

Vehicle Information

Area of Application

eBike / Electric Motorbike

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Dimensions Wheelbase 1.465 Meters


for 1 person

Max. Speed

90 km/h

Charging Time 20-80%

Depending on the external charger


> 120 km


Direct Drive

Motor Type


Engine Continuous Power

5 kW

Engine Peak Power

16 kW

Special Features of the Vehicle
  • The absolute upgrade of a bicycle
  • A unique, pedal-controlled electric motorbike

Battery Information

System Typology

Individual Battery Solution, 1x 48 VDC, 6.6 kWh

Amount of Energy

6.6 kWh

System Voltage

51 V

Involved Companies


eROCKIT® Systems GmbH

Vehicle Manufacturer / Brand

eROCKIT® Systems GmbH

Image Rights / Image Source

ecovolta, a division of ecocoach AG

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