Multi-Purpose Transporter «Aebi eVT450 Vario»

Multi-Purpose Transporter

The all-terrain all-rounder impresses with its payload and versatility. With combustion engine and electric motor. 120 kWh battery capacity and the e-drive train from ecovolta supply the drive and various attachments with energy for municipalities and agriculture.

Stoosbahnen, Municipality of
Burgdorf, Aebi Schmidt (Switzerland)

12x "eTB48-150-10" (serial)

Agriculture, Municipal, Transport, Recycling

Vehicle Information

Area of Application

Agriculture, Municipal, Transport, Recycling

Dimensions (LxWxH)

5.00 x 1.995 x 2.33 Meters


for 3 persons

Empty Weight

4'700 kgs

Additional Load

4'800 kgs

Towing Capacity

3'500 kgs


4'800 kgs

Max. Speed

30 – 45 km/h

Charging Time 20-80%

4.5 h

Operating Time
  • 2.5 h for full load work
  • 6 h for light work

90 km


Hydrostatic & Multi-Disc Gearbox

Motor Type


Engine Continuous Power

80 kW

Engine Peak Power

120 kW

Special Features of the Vehicle
  • Infinitely variable travel speed for efficient work
  • Double wishbone suspension
  • Spacious cab with panoramic windows
  • Intuitive operating concept with multifunctional driving lever with colour guidance
  • Quick implement change via four quick-release fasteners

Battery Information

System Typology

12x "eTB48-150-102 (serial)

Amount of Energy

120 kWh

System Voltage

660 V

Max. Discharge Current

150 A

Total Battery Weight

700 kgs (12x 58 kgs)

Involved Companies


Aebi & Co AG Maschinenfabrik

Vehicle Manufacturer / Brand

Aebi & Co AG Maschinenfabrik

System Integrator

ecovolta, a divison of ecocoach AG

End Customer

Stoos Bahnen AG, Gemeinde Burgdorf

Additional Partners

System development with Durot Electric

Image Rights / Image SAebi & Co AG Maschinenfabrikource

ecovolta, a division of ecocoach AG / Aebi & Co AG Maschinenfabrik

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