Ideas Become Product Solutions.

ecovolta defines the support on the design and testing of battery packs and power electronics as an integral part of its service. The ecovolta R&D team develops solutions from ideas, builds prototypes and tests them with over 15 years of experience in battery, electronics and drive development.


Testing. State-of-the-Art Testing Laboratory.

Cells and packages are tested and prepared for certification in the battery laboratory. Cycles, aging processes, consequences of short circuits and mechanical destruction as well as other parameters can be tested and documented. The team uses state-of-the-art test stands and a safe bunker for this purpose.


Engine Test Stand. Comprehensively Tested from the Battery to the Engine.

The engine test stand records all efficiencies from the battery to the electric motor and determines the real torque as well as load curves and current peaks. The complete system consisting of battery, BMS, inverter, motors and charging management can be extensively tested and adapted to the customer's requirements. The result is a fully functional and proven solution.


Housing Construction. Ideal Protection Adapted to the Application.

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive and must be protected from various external influences by a housing. ecovolta develops and manufactures housings made from metal, aluminium, plastic or composites such as carbon fibres that are matched to the battery cells and the area of application.


Certification. The Complete System Certified Through ecovolta.

Certification is the last step before mass production after the successful completion of the design and prototype construction. ecovolta takes care of the preparatory tests and the certification of the battery, the management system, the inverters and the motors in the overall system.