Riva E-Commuter

The boat built by the shipyard Ernesto Riva, is an innovative e-commuter. One of the first electrically powered wooden boats of all time, designed by Studio Frers. The boat is made entirely of wood and uses our battery and power electronics.


Maximum speed:

5 kn (knots)

Electrical motor power:

90 kW

Max. number of people


Autonomy with 13 kn


Aebi eVT 450 Vario - All-electric Transporter

First Aebi Transporter fitted with a fully electric drive. The eVT 450 Vario is a four-wheel drive vehicle with a stepless power-split hydrostatic-mechanical transmission and can be easily switched from tires to a crawler track and back as needed.
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Engine power:

80 kW (throttled)

Battery storage:

120 kWh 12x10 kWh evoTractionBattery 48 V


600 V

Time to reach 80% charge:

4 hours

Max. speed with crawler track:

25 km/h

Max. speed with tires:

45 km/h

Bobcat e-S70

100% lithium-ion battery operated compact charger with extremely compact dimensions made for use in buildings and wherever efficiency in material handling is required in confined spaces. With over 20 different attachments, it is also extremely versatile.
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Leiser Bobcat e-S70

Mobile payload (ISO 14397-1)

360 kg

Tilting load (ISO 14397-1)

700 kg

Capacity up to

30 lt / min

Driving speed

8 km/h


2 x evoTractionBattery Lithium-Ion NMC (48 V DC/200 Ah/10 kWh)

Operating time

4.5 h for stacker operation / 4h for mixed operation (bulk material / stack work)

Operating weight

1310 kg

Transport weight

1150 kg


The E-Motocross is an electric motorcycle for motocross tracks with a sustainable aspect. It is almost noiseless and has a quick-change battery.


Motor power

25 kW

Top speed

100 km/h

Battery capacity

5 kWh



KNECHT H40 pro
Electric Harvesting Machine.

Powerful harvesting machine for medium hillside situations. The KNECHT pro system from the H40 series impresses with the compensation of medium hillside situations.


Length with forklift

3,700 mm

Wheel width

1,350 mm

Total height of control panel

2,250 mm

Wheel distance

1,600 mm

Ride height

250 mm


2,090 kg

Battery capacity

160 Ah

Battery voltage

48 V

Stepless speed

0-3,5 km/h